Moikka! Here's Adrián. I work for Igalia.

Bill 0.1-2 released

I have just relased version 0.1-2 of Bill, your favourite accompaniment for your shell-code meals. Albeit I have plans for an upcoming 0.2 which will break some backwards compatibility, this is a just a mainteinance release which introduces some bugfixes. Quick summary follows:

  • Better test suite and fixes for the data/hash module
  • Fix bug which prevented serving content from a non-default Billet
  • Allow for manually setting the server name in billetd
  • New config_ini_get_chained function in module text/config
  • The butt utility now accepts file names as arguments, so you can choose which unit tests to run, instead of waiting for the full lot to finish
  • Speed improvements when decoding MIME data in module text/mime

Last, but not least, some polish was applied to the documentation and code style, and autogenerated files (i.e. HTML documentation) was removed from the GIT repository.

And now, go and get some packages ;)