Moikka! Here's Adrián. I work for Igalia.

Some news, including Bill 0.2 release

Time has passed since the latest time I blogged about something, and some things have happened, so I think it is a good occasion to write some words.

The first news is that I have just released Bill 0.2, which introduces the following changes:

  • Change license to the new GPLv3.
  • Modules have now a .bash suffix instead of .bsh
  • Compatibility fixes, so it now works better with Bash 3.1
  • Better handling of comment lines and nicer error handler in the text/config module.
  • Some other minor bug fixes.
  • New modules: twiki/ext, text/bte, data/time, text/log

Last but not least, as my colleagues are saying (e.g. Mario, Joaquim, Javier M., Sergio) in their latest posts, we had a very nice inauguration party at our brand new office. I think they have already written what needs to be said, so I will only add that I think that it worths having some inconveniences (as we had!) during the switch from one office to another. Everyone did a good job to get everything in place. Congrats!

I hope to start blogging again regularly. I have some ideas pending to be written, now the problem is to find some spare time slots to expand them :-)