Moikka! Here's Adrián. I work for Igalia.

”I am alive” update + going to FOSDEM

It’s been a long time since I posted an update, and as I am going to FOSDEM this year for first time, it looks like now is a good moment to tell everybody that I am still alive and kicking. Similarly to some other work mates, Igalia is sponsoring my trip to Brussels. A lot of us will be there, so it will be a great opportunity to meet some of them I have not seen for some time and have a beer or two (or more :-D).

On another different note, an update for those reading this who are wondering what happened to me in the last three months: I have been since the last October in Finland, enjoying the snow, going rock’n’roll concerts (and discovering great bands), writing now more code than prose…

I hope to come back to blog anytime soon, as I have been playing with QtSparql lately to access the Tracker store and I have a half-baked post with some tips on how to use it for “live” models that are automatically updated.

Anyway, see you at FOSDEM!