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Back from FOSDEM — 2013 Edition

A couple of weekends ago I attended FOSDEM, my third time in a row sponsored by Igalia.

Apart from the appeal of wandering around Brussels and enjoying what the European capital has to offer —mostly in the gastronomic field—, this year I had a presentation to make about the progress done in WebKitGTK+ during the last year. Because it was The room was quite full, so for those who could not make it on time or decided to not step in, here are the slides I used:

  • HTML slides: you will need a quite recent browser, WebKit-based if possible. The latest version of Epiphany the GNOME Web browser will do fine ;-)
  • PDF slides: Essentially the same, generated from the HTML plus some pdfutils mojo to crop the margins. Any reasonable PDF viewer should handle those well.

Those should be a good summary while the videos of the “crossdistro” room slowly start to appear thanks to the good work done by the video team.

Last but not least, in the middle of the huge amount of interesting talks, there were two more Igalians with talks at FOSDEM: Felipe had a talk about user experience design and API made a summary on how accessibility in GNOME got to be enabled by default.

There is only one small “complaint” I have about FOSDEM: would there ever be enough time to attend all the sessions one would like to? I bet not. And that is, in a way, quite amazing :-)