Moikka! Here's Adrián. I work for Igalia.

Comments: Begone!

Starting today, the comments section is not available any more in the articles at the website. The main reason for for taking this decision is that I have never felt particularly comfortable leaving that to a third party service. I have had in mind to provide a self-hosted solution, which never materialized; and given the little amount of comments posted in the last years, it seemed to me that removing the comments section altogether would be the best course of action.

This means that now there is absolutely nothing in the website which could potentially track visitors. This is a small contribution against surveillance capitalism that I have been wanting to do for a while.

The only information stored are the usual HTTP server logs; which contain the IP addresses of visitors and the URLs they fetch from the server. Because I do my own hosting I know for a fact that this data is not used for anything other than troubleshooting, and only a few months of it are kept. Also, IP addresses are anyway “public” information in the sense that any server we connect to gets to know it, and that is part of how the Internet works.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the ad- and tracker-free experience!

**Update, January 27th 2019**: The usage of Google Fonts is gone, the last remaining bit, is gone now that I am self-hosting the Web fonts as well.