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And even more packages

Most of the time, people involved in the Free Software community what does with packages is using prebuilt packages, and a small amount of people are who actually prepare packages. For one reason or another, I end up building some Debian packages from time to time. Most of the time the motivations are:

  • Having some build-time option enabled (fine-tuning build options via USE-flags is one of the reasons why I love Gentoo :-D).
  • A new version we want is out but there is no package in Debian stable, nor in backports. Or maybe it is some experimental application we want to use.
  • Add patches in packages which are not yet officially merged, either in Debian or in the upstream project.

In the spirit of giving something back to the community, and because they may be useful to other persons, I like sharing the result of my work, so here we go with a new batch of .deb packages (which most likely will work in Ubuntu as well):

What Distribution Packages
[OpenERP][] client 6.0 alpha 20100617 lenny [openerp-client\_6.0-alpha20100617\_all.deb][]
[DSpam][] 3.9.0 lenny [dspam\_3.9.0-4\_i386.deb][] [dspam-doc\_3.9.0-4\_all.deb][] [dspam-webfrontend\_3.9.0-4\_all.deb][] [libdspam7\_3.9.0-4\_i386.deb][] [libdspam7-drv-sqlite3\_3.9.0-4\_i386.deb][] [libdspam7-drv-pgsql\_3.9.0-4\_i386.deb][] [libdspam7-drv-mysql\_3.9.0-4\_i386.deb][] [libdspam7-dev\_3.9.0-4\_i386.deb][]
[Nginx][] 0.8.41 lenny / squeeze [nginx\_0.8.41-0\_amd64.deb][] [nginx\_0.8.41-0\_armel.deb][]
[rotlog][] 0.2 lenny / squeeze [rotlog\_0.2-1\_armel.deb][]
One note regarding the Nginx package: it is supercharged with the versions of the following third-party modules:

The ARM packages are the ones I am using in my GuruPlug, and were built in the plug itself, so I am quite sure they will work in almost any ARM Debian box which uses EABI, including the venerable SheevaPlug and NSLU2 devices.

Have a lot of fun…