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Databases: “id” attributes are a bad idea

Never, never ever have a column named id in your relational database. They work most of the time, but it such a common used name that it is likely that it will clash with something else. Want an example? Here it is: PHP behaves oddly when fetching rows. In your database:

create table foo ( id bigint not null primary key );
insert into foo ( id ) values ( 1 );
insert into foo ( id ) values ( 2 );
insert into foo ( id ) values ( 3 );

Then the following PHP snippet

$result = pg_fetch_all(pg_query('select * from foo'));
echo $result[0]['id'];

will not work at all. My guess is that some PHP internal code or its database functions use id for their own purposes, so there is no way of directly retrieving values in columns with such a name. I was stuck yesterday for an hour with an absurd thing like this.