Moikka! Here's Adrián. I work for Igalia.

Hello world!

So… brand new Igalia worker: brand new work mates, brand new office, brand new experiences at Arbo, brand new coffee machine… and brand new weblog. Here I will be blogging about my experience while ensuring all works at the systems area, but maybe some code kicks in, as I also enjoy programming. As this is just a presentation post, let me say «Hello, world!» in a multi-language fashion:

C=0;/*Hello_World 2>/dev/null
#! /bin/bash
#define echo main() { printf(
#define exit "\n"); }
echo "Hello, world!"
#! perl
print "Hello, world!\n";

This snippet works as C, Perl and Bash programs, just save it to a file and try to run it:

$ perl -x source.c
Hello, world!
$ bash source.c
Hello, world!
$ gcc -o hello hello.c && ./hello
Hello, world!

Do not try too hard to understand it… your brain could melt as mine did while trying to add support for AWK.