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Playing some Go

So the other day I wanted to play some Go, but not the kind of Go you could imagine by looking at today’s post picture:

[![playing go](../images/playing-go.jpg)](

I mean the Google’s Go programming language. The sad news  is that there are no Debian packages in the repositories, but I was able of finding a Mercurial repository with the stuff needed to make build a nice build of it. So if you want to try out Go, just add the Igalia APT repository to your system and install google-go. For the lazy people, this just cast this magic spell:

wget -qO- | apt-key add -
deb igalia main
apt-get install google-go

For the moment there is an amd64 for Sid that should work fine on Ubuntu (Lucid and Maverick). I tried making an ARM build, but it failed with some error I did not try to fix (yet).

Have a lot of fun playing with Go!